30 Day Raw Food Challenge


In June 2011 I decided to finally do a 30 day raw food challenge.  I did a short 6 day stint back in October 2010 following Jinjee and Storm’s The Garden Diet (an awesome program!)  My participation was short lived because it was getting colder and I really just wanted something hot in my belly.  I also just did not know enough about raw foods to be able to make the commitment.  So I decided to read more recipes I find out about the benefits of raw foods so I would be more informed.  In June I was much more prepared.  On a whim I decided after my 34th birthday on May 21st that I would finally give raw foods the attention my body deserved.  The results:

  • I lost about 22 pounds
  • my thinking is clearer
  • I feel more excited about exercise
  • I made a decision to finally begin a career as a personal chef and teach cooking classes

I wanted to put my 30 day raw food challenge posts here in one space for those who may be thinking about dipping into raw foods — even if it is just for a day or two.  I hope you will find some inspiration for your own reasons for wanting to eat more raw foods.


2 responses to “30 Day Raw Food Challenge

  1. Hi Angeline! I am glad that raw foods is of interest to you. If other members of your family are meat eaters, you can certainly incorporate raw foods into things they normally eat. Once they see that raw foods often taste better than the processed foods they normally eat, they will begin to desire more raw foods over time. No need to go 100% with raw food right away! My intro to raw foods has taken about 3 years before I was finally brave enough to do a full 30 days. I hope this helps. 🙂

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