21 Days Raw: My Raw Food Goal Check-Up

https://i0.wp.com/www.behealthybewellbeinspired.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Thisismyyear_MursBlanc-300x300.jpgNothing to it but to do it!

On Day 2 I wrote a post giving some detail on why I was choosing to do raw foods for 30 days.  Goals are no good if you don’t check back in from time to time to measure your progress.  Here are my reflections on those goals:

  • Need mental clarity to make some decisions — both professional and personal.  I find it funny that I even had to make a distinction between what is a “professional” and what is “personal.”  So-called professional and personal life choices should be aligned with one another so you don’t feel like a person leading 2 crazy, mis-matched lives!  I’ve been so blind!  Raw food has definitely cleared out some of the “sludge” in my brain.  Things that were so difficult to voice an opinion on now seem much more black and white now.  I was stuck between deciding to continue on as an advisor at a community college, or become a personal chef.  I decided that it really doesn’t have to be an either or decision.  What I love most about my present position is my connection with students.  My advising sessions are much more than just about taking the right classes.  I am a “coach” of sorts, helping people to align their passions and lifestyles with what they are learning in school.  I could certainly continue to do that in my own food business.  I am planning to leave my apartment in the coming weeks to move into a room so I can save money to put towards this brewing plan of mine (if you live in the DC area and have a room for rent — or know someone who does, holla at me!).  My notebook is overflowing with ideas — it’s amazing what a couple weeks of fresh, wholesome food can do for your creativity!
  • To feel healthier, feel better.  I have lost about 20 pounds since beginning my raw food feast.  I don’t feel so weighed down with fatty foods as I once did.  One thing I did not expect though is that I can feel my body in a way I never did before.  Quite honestly, I did not recognize how fat I had actually gotten because I was too busy stuffing my face because of stress.  Now I wake up in the morning and I can feel the fat around my middle, the fat around my thighs, my flabby arms — and I can’t stand it!  The stressful days are still here, however I choose to get rid of the stress through increased activity.  I walk everyday for about an hour.  I also jump rope on my porch as well as jog/walk for about 3 miles in the Smithsonian/National Mall area of DC several times a week.  My body craves physical activity now — 5K here I come!
  • Get rid of fibroids and hopefully improve fertility.  From what I know about fibroids thus far, it is difficult to know if fibroids are getting smaller or larger without a sonogram.  As a matter of fact, checking for fibroids generally occurs when a woman has problems with her menstrual cycle.  Before I knew anything about fibroids, I went to several gynecologists over about a 5 year time span asking why my periods were becoming so heavy.  The only advice I was given was to take birth control pills and see what happens.  At the end of 5 years, my bleeding had become so heavy that I could not leave the house.  I was bleeding through my clothes — profusely.  That was when one genius gynecologist (can you sense my sarcasm here???) decided to do the fibroid check.  By that time, they saw about 5 fibroids — one about as large as a grapefruit.  Basically my uterus had grown to the size of a woman in her fourth month of pregnancy — which isn’t cute if you’re not actually with child.  During this cleanse, my cycle doesn’t seem any lighter — as a matter of fact it seems slightly heavier.  But according to what I have been reading, detoxing may make periods worse before they get better.  Perhaps I will see improvements in another 2 to 3 months.
  • Diminish my chances of getting breast cancer (as well as other cancers avoidable diseases).  I am reminded of the fragility of life after a recent death of a colleague who was about the same age as I.  Life is a gift and we must respect it as such.  What you put off until tomorrow may never come to fruition so stop putting off your goals and dreams because your life revolves around a job and a lifestyle you have no passion for.  While we don’t like to think about our own death, it is inevitable.  I choose to do what I can now to prevent many of the diseases that can cause a painful, premature death.  I choose to create a life that is full of love rather than base my decisions on fear of the unknown.

Have you ever gone through an event that made you drastically change the way you live?  I’d be interested in learning more about how it has changed you!


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