4 Days Raw: Learning to Feel

https://i0.wp.com/www.simplemobilereview.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/feeling-ill.jpgSo far no major slip-ups.  I am actually enjoying eating fruits and vegetables.  However I notice that I am beginning to feel a lot more than what I think I want to.  My desire for exercise has increased as I can feel the spare tire hanging around my waist line more than I ever did before.  I am learning to get used to the feeling of becoming hungry instead of just throwing any old crap into my mouth just because I’m bored or trying to escape what I don’t want to feel at that moment.  My headaches tend to come at night.  However I assume that will dissipate as I move towards getting more toxins out.  My body screams for sleep starting at about 10pm.  On the flip side, it’s less of a pain to rise at 6pm (still struggling with it, but becoming less difficult).  My dreams are vivid and I feel more refreshed when I wake in the morning.  I feel like my spirit is trying to connect to something higher than myself, however there’s still a ceiling there that is still fighting to stick around.


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