1 Day Raw: Go Me!

Pose for the Camera!

So, my first day raw was really a breeze…  Mostly because it’s about 85 degrees at 10pm here in DC…  I have absolutely no desire to eat anything other than cold water and some juicy, refrigerated fruit like papaya, watermelon, and some oranges.  I made some raw taco meat sans the taco shell for lunch today.  I meant to use collard or kale leaves as the taco shell.  However, I made the mistake of buying non-organic greens that just smelled bad sitting in the plastic bag I bought them in just yesterday.  So that was about $4 wasted…  From now on, it’s only organic greens for me.

For dinner I had a taste for something creamy and flavorful.  I found this recipe by Chef BeLive for raw alfredo sauce that looked delicious.  I have tried some raw tomato sauce recipes that were absolutely terrible, but I thought there had to be someone out there with a decent recipe — and Chef BeLive’s recipe is pretty damn close to what you would get at your favorite Italian restaurant (raw foodies rejoice!).  I love the taste of mixing tomato sauce and alfredo sauce, so I soaked some dried tomatoes and added it to the mix.  You can check out Chef BeLive’s recipe in this YouTube clip.


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