Feeling Brand New, Y’all!

I sold my microwave.  I didn’t use it, really.  Aside from all the reasons why a person shouldn’t use a microwave, I NEVER bought microwaved meals anyway.  And I didn’t really reheat anything in it either.  So what was I keeping it for???  This revelation came after thinking that if I was going to spend more time getting reacquainted with food and cooking, I’m going to need to make some room for healthier things.  I’ve got a beautiful shelf/countertop built by my beau (I’m too old for a boyfriend…) using scrap wood pieces — and I absolutely love it.  He quadrupled my working space with one piece of wood.  He also nailed a simple piece of wood under my cabinet to give me a little extra space to put my spices.  I teared up when he showed it to me.

I finally got rid of that old crappy blender that never really blended anything right and replaced it with a Vitamix (!).  I’ve been salivating over that Vitamix for several years now.  I’ve been reading so many vegan bloggers who have had the same Vitamix for 10 to 15 years!  Well worth the roughly $500 investment if you know you’ll use it all the time.  I got a great deal from QVC while watching In the Kitchen with David (that man can sell the hell out of anything…).  The counter space that held the microwave will soon hold a fruit and vegetable dehydrator — I may have to wait a few months for that though.

What a HUGE leap from what I was doing a year ago!  One year ago, today, my ex-husband left to go God knows where.  I had been so depressed, even before he left that I couldn’t tell you when the last time I put together a halfway decent meal.  I noticed the other morning while preparing a watermelon and cantaloupe smoothie that I felt so grounded cutting up all that sweet, juicy goodness.  I thought to myself, “YEAH! I could do this all day!”  But alas, I had to go to work.  Here’s a little Roy Ayers with Brand New Feeling — because I’m loving me!


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