I Quit

Life is all about changes.  I recently quit my doctoral program.  I was spending way too much money on tuition, books, and transportation on learning stuff I had no zeal for.  Not that I ever did.  I mean, I enjoyed my studies.  Just not at the expense of my health and my life.  For the last 10 or so years I’ve been trying to find a career that I love.  I found that in education — particularly in educating adults.  I taught GED classes, ran a job training program, spent a few years in West Africa teaching and learning from women in agricultural cooperatives.  I loved it all (for the most part).  While doing all this I decided I needed more education.  Or more like my career demanded I get more education or I would never make any money.  So I got a graduate certificate in adult education, a M.Ed, and spent 2 years as a part-time doctoral student.  That’s about 6 years of off-and-on work and grad school.  And oh yeah, I had a husband (emphasis on HAD).  Then the fibroids.  Any woman who has ever suffered from fibroids can share my pain.  I had a surgery to remove 8 large fibroids from my uterus in June 2009 — only to learn that the fibroids were growing back 6 months later.  Something had to change.

In the time since then, I left a sucky job to be an advisor at a community college in DC.  And I love every moment (alright, I hate registration time, but my students are great!).  My husband and I separated after about 8 years of arguing (okay, it wasn’t all bad… just the last 5 years or so…).  I started to change my diet.  I wanted to get reacquainted with my kitchen.  I love to cook, but finding the time to do so is rough when you’re working full time AND trying to do grad school AND teaching.  I was overextended and it showed in my body.  My weight is out of control.  And I don’t think I know who I am anymore.  What am I supposed to do with my life, really?

So I’ve been reorganizing everything.  I bought some new kitchen tools.  Things I always wanted to buy and actually use, but didn’t buy because I knew I would never have the time to use them.  I read books about sustainable agriculture, vegetarian and raw food diets (it’s so good to read something that has NOTHING to do with school!).  I spend hours in farmers markets and grocery stores learning about new veggies like jicama and how to put kale in a fruit smoothie.  Just today I actually put a table that was sitting on my porch in what I assume is supposed to be a dining space in my apartment because I decided I would like to sit and actually enjoy my food without the distractions of TV or articles and books related to school.  I decorated the table with a basket of organic fruit and a cutting from my house plant.  It’s funny, I’ve been in this apartment for over 2 years, and I feel like I just moved in!  Now what if I did this with other parts of my life; I wonder what would happen?  Garlic & Lemons!


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